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Leather & Wood Tray


Leather type: Real Cowhide, natural tan, top grain leather


Wood type: Screw


Screw grows in the Loreton Huanuco provinces of Peru and in the South American humid terra firma. The heartwood is pale brown with a golden luster. Texture is coarse and the wood is comparable in strength to the American elm.

Genuine Leather & Wood Tray

    • Beautiful smooth minimalistic design to add a modern touch to your desk and office.

    • Feels great on your skin, real top grain Ecuadorian cowhide leather- no synthetic materials, high durability.

    • Only leather can give you a product that breathes and becomes more beautiful with age, developing a rich patina. Leather's character will evolve over time.

    • Rawhide base, Smooth Surface, Various tones, scars, wrinkles and marks on the outside of a particular hide are all part of its natural beauty and uniqueness. No two mats are alike!

    • long lasting

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