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Why is leather a good investment? 


Because of its durability, a genuine leather upholstery can last for 10 years if you moisturize it often. It is also easy to clean and it will always be considered as a product of elegance and taste. 


Leather is unique natural product that in no way can be replicated by man-made products. Only leather can give you a product that breathes and become more beautiful with age, developing a rich patina. Various tones, scars, wrinkles and marks on the outside of a particular hide are all part of its natural beauty and uniqueness.

Leaders in Ecuador

Renaciente is the largest manufacturer of automotive leather upholstery in Ecuador, manufacturing approximately 60% of leather upholsteries in our country, being exclusive suppliers of important manufacturers and dealers of vehicles.


Our coverage and lead times 

​We are the largest manufacturer of leather upholstery in Ecuador, our coverage allows us to be the fastest in the market and also reaching any part of Ecuador. Most upholsteries are installed on the same business day with prior appointment and advance payment.

Color range

Being manufacturers of our own leather we have the largest range of leather colors in Ecuador.